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Hide My IP 5.3, is a program which changes your proxy, when surfing.

This will protect your privacy and your computer from hackers.
Your IP shows your exact address, but with this, you could change your "location"

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How to Download:

 Step one:

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 Step three:

 Press the download button and follow instructions (Use Proxy if you get the error: none available for your country)

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Features of hide my ip 5.3:

  • Surf anonymously
  • Surf safely, don't worry about hackers
  • Thousands  of high quality proxies
  • Big Proxy list
  • and alot more


Advantages of masking your ip:

The most effective tool which we are offering on our site is, hide my ip 5.3. This is definitely an easy tool which allows you to become absolutely anonymous on the web so this means we're able to browse openly without considering Trojans as well as spywares. As soon as we set up the software program,
we are then in a position to buy products over the internet without considering that our credit-based details are being checked by somebody.

The actual tool is usually small yet extremely trustworthy software that needs to be considered simply by anybody constantly on the internet. A good thing with regards to hide my ip 5.3 is that you may use it for a small time period as soon as you purchase it. 
However, on our site you can use the best and the latest updated version for free as well as for an unlimited period of time. Furthermore, this tool is having plenty of top-quality functions, and provides end users a lot more functions compared to the free of charge servers. As this is totally free and requires installation, users don't have to bother about browsing via any kind of tunnel.

Each and every website you visit demands an IP address because website owners require this to discover the place of their site visitors.
they don't really need the actual addresses however; they would like to have an excellent understanding of their own visitors in order that they could modify the information of their own websites. Regrettably, you will find websites, which misuse the functionality of the IP protocol. Several websites possess malware along with spywares that immediately connect with a particular address in order that they could possibly hack the PC even from distant place. However, you don't have to worry about this as Hide IP software will hide your actual address and will assign you an anonymous IP, and by this no one will be able to hack your computer. Not only this, but this tool will keep on changing your IP address to protect you from internet hackers.

There are numerous websites that are providing, Hide your IP solutions; however, these websites aren't great because they demand for cash at the end. On the other hand, in case you really would like to have this software program, you can just visit our site and download this instantly. Also, when working with this software to change your information, you don't have to go to any kind of website in order to activate the security functions. Just a little setting will instantly change your current IP, which means that your private information is invisible for online hackers whenever you check out their website. Anonymous exploring by this program is an event that you might appreciate. Obviously, any time you are able to shop from anywhere with full protection and security, as soon as you install the program on your personal computer.